Tying the Grannom Caddis with Rich DiStanislao

The Grannom Caddis – often referred to as the “Mother’s Day Caddis” – hatches toward the end of April and lasts about two weeks.

At emergence, caddis can take off immediately after reaching the surface. They are strong fliers and don’t need to set wings. Trout will chase these, often jumping out of the water in pursuit. Because the naturals are so active, dry fly imitations will need to skitter and dance around on the surface, so make sure to give your fly some action!

In this video, I demonstrate how I like to tie my version of a Grannom Caddis.

Here is a list of materials:

  • Thread: 12/0 Veevus black, or 8/0 charcoal unithread
  • Hook: Standard dry fly hook, size 12 – 16
  • Egg sac: chartreuse green poly
  • Abdomen: Dark Olive antron
  • Rib: fluorescent green thread or strand of crystal flash
  • Underwing: Natural color cul de canard feather
  • Wing: Dusty dun colored mink tail hairs
  • Thorax: Peacock herl
  • Hackle: Dark dun colored rooster hackle
Rich DiStanislao’s Grannom Caddis