Tying the Isonychia Nymph with Rich DiStanislao

In this video, I demonstrate how I like to tie an isonychia nymph. The isonychia nymph – commonly called the “Slate Drake” nymph – is a fast swimmer and emerges from deep water then swims to rocks and weeds to molt as a dun. They are great flies to have on the Little Juniata, Poconos, Delaware, Catskills, and Yellow Breeches, here in Central PA.

Here is a list of materials:

  • Hook: Daiichi 1770 or TMC 400, size 12
  • Thread: Brown, 8/0 unithread
  • Tails: Bronze color peacock herl tips or brown pheasant tail fibers
  • Medial Stripe: White Ultra Wire, brassie size
  • Gills: Gray ostrich herl
  • Ribbing: Ultra fine gold wire
  • Wing case: Black thin skin
  • Legs: Brownish partridge feather
Rich DiStanislao’s Isonychia Nymph