bin of artificial flies at a fly shop

During the winter months, Doc Fritchey volunteers typically conduct fly-tying classes at both the beginner and intermediate levels. Learning to tie flies also contributes to an understanding of the aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates that trout find to their liking. And on the stream, it’s hard to beat the thrill of actually using one’s own creation to entice and, hopefully, catch a fish.

Other events where chapter members display their tying skills are during youth field days and other conservation-related events.

Chapter members are always eager to share their favorite patterns. To learn more about some of the chapter’s tyers and their favorite flies, please check out the following:

The Clouser Crayfish

The Palmered Cricket: Steve Vegoe


Easy Cicada: Rich DiStanislao

Isonychia Nymph: Rich DiStanislao

Grannom Caddis: Rich DiStanislao

Hellgrammite: Rich DiStanislao

Parachute Mayfly Dun: Rich DiStanislao