Doc Fritchey T-Shirts Now Available

If you’ve read our last few chapter newsletters, you know that we now have a good supply of Doc Fritchey T-Shirts available. The intent was to sell these T-shirts at chapter gatherings and events, but that’s not been possible, so we have been selling shirts via the mail. The shirts are selling – not as fast as if buyers could see them and feel them – but certainly selling. Comments from buyers have been positive. These are quality shirts.

Chuck Swanderski, our chapter’s membership chair, is selling these T-shirts via mail order. The price is $10 each with a $8.50 mailing fee. Or you can arrange to meet Chuck and he will hand-deliver your new Doc Fritchey logo T-shirts, saving you the mailing fee.

To order your new DFTU T-shirt, contact Chuck Swanderski at Shirts are available in 5 colors – gray, dark green, light green, royal blue, and light blue (see photo) – and sizes including L, XL, and XXL.

Andy Link

Andy is a technology specialist and educator from Harrisburg, PA with a passion for creative solutions. With a deep appreciation for typography and images, he is fascinated by how design and technology influence our lives. With over 20+ years of experience in publishing, design, layout, branding, print media, digital media, education, and instructional design, he enjoys teaching almost as much as learning.