2022 Ladies Day Event

On Saturday, September 17, 2022, the DFTU Chapter sponsored an educational program to introduce women to flyfishing as a sport and fun family recreational activity. This year’s program was again held at the Limestone Springs Preserve located in Richland, PA. DFTU Chapter VP and membership chairperson, Chuck Swanderski, has been coordinating the Ladies Day since 2018. The participants were given instruction and activities in flyfishing gear, equipment, knots and knot tying, entomology, fly tying (to match the insects), and casting. Displays, equipment, and handouts were provided by the Chapter and instructors to enhance the presentations.

Lead instructors were Jacquie Law, Cyndi Camp, Lynn Langer, Steve Long, Brett Wood, Steve Perkins and Rich DiStanislao. Assisting as mentors were DFTU members Becca Fronk, George Dodson, Byron Correll, Richard Green and Chuck Swanderski. Always nice to see new faces from Chapter volunteers and participants.

The morning sessions were classroom-type presentations on the topics listed above. Most of the session instructors have been doing this since the ladies program inception 4 years ago. Casting on the lawn with special attention by the mentors added fun and humor to the event. Class participation was encouraged and outstanding reviews were shared by the participants. Our Chapter provided lunch, snacks, drinks, and the opportunity to chat with the instructors during the break. Participants were then given the opportunity to practice their casting skills on the lawn and in the stream (with a mentor) to experience the thrill of “the take” as “Fun Flies” were used since the Preserve is a “Catch and Keep” facility. No fish were harmed during this session!  After a general wrap-up meeting, the group was again given the opportunity to further interact with the mentors and fish the stream with actual flies and keep their catch. Screams and shouts were heard throughout the Preserve when the ladies actually caught fish.

Initial evaluation by the participants gives the program 100% thumbs up, great and let’s do it again next year. A special thanks to our DFTU volunteers and the staff at Limestone Springs for making this event possible.