April Membership Meeting will Feature Special Guest Greg Hoover

On Tuesday, April 27, 2021, the Doc Fritchey chapter will offer a webinar entitled “Cicadas – Brood X, the Methuselah of the Insect World,” by special guest speaker Greg Hoover.

Such a timely program, as Brood X of the cicadas is set to invade our chapter area sometime mid to late May and last approximately six weeks. Trout and bass absolutely love to chase and eat these insects that errantly land in the water, and fishermen don’t want to be stranded on a stream without imitations of these. Get prepared for the cicada invasion now, as they only appear every 17 years, and it is just a couple of weeks away! This presentation will give you all the background info you need to have to successfully catch fish during the cicada hatch.

About Our Guest

Greg is widely acknowledged as one of the leading entomologists in North America. On the faculty staff at Penn State University, Greg teaches entomology and contributes articles to the fly fishing world. He has authored chapters on periodical cicadas in the classic fly fishing books, Limestone Legends and Modern Terrestrials. He co-authored a book with Charlie Meck, Great Rivers, Great Hatches, and two papers on periodical cicadas. Greg has fly-fished our Pennsylvania waters for more than 55 years and is a noted fly-tier. He knows his bugs!

For more on Greg Hoover, please check out his bio, here.

Looking forward to seeing everyone online!

Andy Link

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