Another Year of Float Stocking

Our dedicated (but dwindling) group of TU volunteers showed up at Quittie Creek Nature Park on October 11th, on an absolutely glorious autumn day, to help WCO Mark Sweppenhiser stock the special regs section of the Quittie in Annville. The stocking truck brought a good quantity of “larger-than-normal-brown trout” for the final stocking of the season, and our volunteer float stockers were able to equitably distribute those trout along most of the special regs section, especially since water levels following the summer of little-to-no rain were “just right” for walking the float tubes downstream.

Usually, when the stocking truck arrives at Manada Creek or the Quittapahilla the truck is followed by a large number of “eager-to-get-fishing volunteers” who help carry buckets to the float tubes waiting in the creek. This last stocking of the season was an exception.

WCO Mark Sweppenhiser, filling in for WCO Doug Deppen, was all alone with the truck driver, so Mark carried buckets along with our TU crew. Thanks, Mark.

Come spring and the 2023 fishing season, we need a new stocking coordinator. If you have an interest, please contact chapter vice president (soon to be president) Chuck Swanderski at