2021 Ladies Day Event Announced

To further carry on the mission of Trout Unlimited, the Doc Fritchey Chapter has continued its educational offerings to include a Women’s Conservation/Fly Fishing Program. The program is open to a limited number of women who have: an interest in conservation and a desire to learn the basics of fly fishing.

2019 Ladies Day


Saturday, October 2, 2021


All day, starting at 9:30 am


$25 per person 


  • Limestone Springs entry fee 
  • Educational Sessions 
  • Equipment & Materials 
  • Light Snacks & Drinks 
  • An $18 voucher to apply to any fish you catch 

The 4 hour educational event will introduce women to the various aspects of conservation with a focus on the basic aspects of fly fishing. We will have educational and practical stations set up staffed by experienced fly fisherpersons to cover the following topics: 

Trout Basics: 

habits and food, insects and fly tying 

Fly Fishing Equipment: 

rod, reel, line, tippet and knots 

Personal Equipment Selection: 

women’s waders, boots, vests, hats and sunglasses 

Casting Techniques: 

instruction and practice with a mentor

At the conclusion of the educational sessions the participants will have light snacks and informal question sessions with the instructors/chapter members. We will then begin to fish the stocked waters of Limestone Springs Preserve. Here participants will be fishing with DFTU Chapter mentors to practice their skills, feel the “TAKE” of the fly and catch a fish or two.

Download the form, below, to register:

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