Fall 2022 Raffle Winners Announced

At our November Membership meeting, held at the Palmyra Sportsmans Association, we drew names for our Fall Raffle. The winners were as follows:

First Prize – Guided Trip:

Russ Collins

Second Prize – Sage Fly Rod:

Francis O’Gorman

Third Prize – Framed Trout Stamp Print:

Keith Kerns

Fourth Prize – Caddisflies and Mayflies Books:

David Horst

Fifth Prize – TCO Fly Shop Gift Card:

Archie Fenton

Sixth Prize – The Mill in Hershey Gift Card:

Michael Filepas

Seventh Prize – Brook Trout Sculpture:

Jeff Hoachlander

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to everyone who bought tickets to support our chapter efforts!

All proceeds from this raffle will be used exclusively for future stream restoration projects in Dauphin and Lebanon counties.

Andy Link

Andy is a technology specialist and educator from Harrisburg, PA with a passion for creative solutions. With a deep appreciation for typography and images, he is fascinated by how design and technology influence our lives. With over 20+ years of experience in publishing, design, layout, branding, print media, digital media, education, and instructional design, he enjoys teaching almost as much as learning.